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Enhance your beauty with a custom prosthesis.

What is a Custom Breast Prosthesis?

Enjoy the lightest prosthesis available.  Duplicate your natural existing breast with our custom breast prosthesis.  Bilateral patients enjoy restoring their balance on both sides with this innovative prosthesis. This product is custom designed for each patient and infinitely superior to other prosthesis available.

Also known as the Non-Surgical Breast Reconstruction, the prosthesis is customized to imitate the existing breast size, nipple size, and color. Extremely durable with normal use, patients experience balance, comfort, and familiarity when they wear their custom prosthesis.

  • Customized to imitate existing breast and nipple size and color,

  • 50% lighter than other prostheses on the market,

  • Breathable and Waterproof,

  • Wear your choice of bras or swimsuits,

  • 21 skin tones and nipple tones to match,

  • Regain your active lifestyle. Golf, swimming, tennis, running.

  • Adheres to the skin and is so lightweight, it can be worn without a bra.

Custom Breast Prosthesis requires a free evaluation with one of our certified fitters.  There are more and more insurance providers that cover this product. Women's Healthcare Image insurance and patient representative will be happy to preauthorize the services received at our office. Call today 916-451-6000 for the best prosthesis available.

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a Certified Mastectomy Fitter

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