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Enhance your beauty with a custom prosthesis.

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What is a Custom Breast Prosthesis?

A breast prosthesis or breast form is an artificial breast that is used after the breast has been altered or removed. A breast form can be worn to simulate the natural breast and body shape.

Equalizers (full breasts and partial breasts) enhance or balance a woman's appearance. These forms come in a variety of materials (usually silicone, foam or fiberfill) and can be attached to the body with a special adhesive or worn inside a bra.

Why would I need a breast prosthesis?

After surgery, many women experience alteration in their physical appearance. Sometimes these alterations are permanent; they may be temporary if reconstruction is scheduled for a later time. The common types of surgeries include:

  • Lumpectomy - removal of a breast tumor and some of the breast;

  • Modified/Simple Mastectomy - removal of the breast tissue;

  • Radical Mastectomy - surgical removal of breast tissue and underlying muscle.

A silicone breast prosthesis simulates the natural breast and is weighted. The main benefit is that it helps the human body to appear symmetrical again or to remain in balance.

When the body is out of balance following a surgery of this kind, other muscle-skeletal problems can develop. Back, neck and shoulder problems are common as well as a tendency for one shoulder to drop downward and inward while the other rises up.

Also, the weighted breast helps to prevent the bra from moving out of position.

What Does Prosthesis Mean?

According to Webster's Dictionary, the word prosthesis means, "The addition of an artificial part. . . artificial part added."

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